Important, because of the security level changes on an active RAF establishment, we advise that you avoid bringing bags with you unless absolutely necessary. small bags can be brought on site as well as Baby changing bags, however the Volunteers and RAF Police & Guard Patrol hold the right to inspect contents whilst on RAF Scampton to ensure everyone’s safety.  For safety and security reasons you may be asked to leave your bag/s on your bus/vehicle during your visit.


In accordance with the direction received from the RAF Police, the following statement applies to Photography at RAF Scampton, it applies to all visitors without exception:

RAF Scampton is an operational military site, to which the Official Secret Acts apply.  As a result any photography on site is strictly controlled; photographs may be taken both within the Museum of RAF Firefighting and outside of the Museum Building’s looking towards the airfield.  Photos are not to be taken of the internal technical area or associated security regime.  If you want to take photographs of any other areas then liaise with your guide for permission.  Failure to abide by these rules may lead to your removal from the unit and confiscation of your camera/other recording devices by the civil police.