With the Boss ordered off duty this week by O.C Home Affairs for family celebrations, the rest of us gathered at the 3 different locations to continue the museum’s work. As expected, there was a marked increase in productivity and tea breaks were at an all-time low! Joking aside, it was about time Steve and the family put their feet up after being at max chat since before the big move into storage. All the volunteers hope the family enjoyed their time together today.

A small team held the fort at Scunthorpe to continue to sort through assets and stationery before having a discussion of what to put in our Mobile Display Unit for upcoming events. This is something all the volunteers are looking forward to after such a drought of public events during 2020 and are working hard to bring some of the museum to the public in a sustainable way given our current circumstances.

At the storage facility, Gareth led a team of 6 to load parts, a marquee and work bench to assemble over at the third location to prepare for an upcoming project – the restoration of Steve’s Bedford OY Water Tanker. Whilst the thought of searching for marquee and vehicle parts amongst 100 tons of artifacts sounds like an all-day job, Gary and Gareth left the pallets to the side during the move to facilitate a speedy transfer – much to the relief of all involved.

After the team collectively remembered how to assemble the marquee at the third site (who needs instructions) and the frame was rebuilt with the poles in the correct positions, the shelter was standing strong. This then left the team to move the Bedford Chassis into the shelter before reassembling the racking and work benches. Of course, like all tent erecting activity, we came away without an essential piece of it – a side wall! This necessitated a journey back to the storage facility to pick it and a few other pieces up before returning to finish the job.

Once the team returned, most of the parts were taken out of boxes and sorted into logical piles to be catalogued and the remaining wall was hung. All that was left was to conduct some truck juggling to tidy things up and the team finished the day basking in a rare appearance of sunshine after what seems like weeks of downpours. Long may it keep shining!

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