The second day of the Classic Land Rover Gathering at Skillington may have started a bit quieter for the team compared to yesterday but spirits were just as high. Visitor levels started to pickup as the morning progressed and by lunchtime, we were back up to hosting different visitors who were interested in our 3 vehicles. This slightly slower pace was also a great chance for our volunteers to go about the show and see all the different vehicles and speak with their owners. A rarity for us over the last few years as we have been consumed with just making sure the collection survives!

One special visitor to the tent was Archie Hartin, who served with our “Senior” mechanic Eddie in the RAF. Eddie and Archie had not seen each other for 54 years and somehow the stars aligned so they could meetup on this particular show. As the boss put it, you couldn’t move in the event shelter for the amount of sandbagging going on and it was amazing to see both of them get so animated about their time in the service. Thanks Archie for making Eddie’s weekend and we hope to see you at another show soon.

If that wasn’t enough for the team, we unexpectedly won the Classic Land Rover Magazine trophy for best Military Vehicle on show with the TACR! The show organisers had judged the vehicles across the show and came across to the shelter to present the trophy to the team unannounced. The boss was completely bowled over as he didn’t think we were part of the competition and hadn’t entered any of our vehicles! This was just the icing on the cake on what has been a brilliant weekend for the museum to start showcasing our vehicles across Lincolnshire. If you are interested in coming to see us at another show, please have a look at our upcoming dates!

Thankfully, the display tear down and return to base was as smooth as the setup so all of our volunteers and vehicles made it back in time to spend the evening recuperating after a busy and successful weekend.

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