This year’s Armed Forces Day has seen the team reassemble at Scunthorpe to continue the massive job of adding each artifact and asset to the museum inventory. As the picture suggests, this was a brain intensive task and, as with all repacking activity, head scratching and sandbagging was plentiful from the boss.

The tool chest was also relocated out of the office and into a secure storage area nearer the vehicles. This will mean it is not a half mile round trip for the tools that are invariably needed each time we work on the trucks. After the calf muscles had calmed down from pushing the lump uphill it was thankfully quite an easy task to get the chest into the container and refit all of the drawers back into place.

After much head scratching, the homepage of the website was also updated and the 45 Monitor Appeal was launched so please have a look at the update if you want to find out more.

This weekend wasn’t the only day that the team met this week! Two of our members couldn’t be with us this weekend so they spent the whole of Friday working to consolidate 8 more pallets at the storage area. The trucks which have been moving about the site in the weekly reshuffles were also refilled and inspected. Re-priming vehicles if something runs of fuel or coolant can be a pain at the best of times but is almost certainly always a nightmare when it involves some of the more complicated trucks in the fleet. They also re-covered some of the appliances at Scunthorpe before departing for their family event. A day well spent!

The Museum of RAF Firefighting would like to end this post by recognising the continued service that our Armed Forces provide to the UK. Be it on operations abroad, supporting the NHS during the COVID pandemic, or their more usual activity, this year has been incredibly challenging for all of them and their families.

As many of our volunteers are Veterans we would also like to extend our thanks for those who have previously served and we look forward to seeing some of you at the upcoming shows when we get on the road!

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