This weekend marks 70 years since the first flight across the North Pole in a single engine aircraft by Capt. Charles Blair (USAF). The plane in question was the venerable P51 Mustang which flew the 3,375 miles from Bardavoss, Norway to Fairbanks, Alaska in 10 hours 29 minutes. An incredible achievement when you think that all Capt. Blair had was his instruments, brainpower and a stop watch to navigate by. He definitely didn’t have many of the modern luxuries as the aircraft wasn’t exactly built for comfort!

Thankfully, this weekend’s temperature has not plummeted North Pole levels and we have been blessed with great weather after what seems to be weeks of on and off rain across Lincolnshire and the wider UK. With it being a Bank Holiday, the museum volunteers were given a rare day off to recharge the batteries and spend time with our friends and family after months of hard graft and effort to save the collection and move it into storage from Alford.

The family and friends of volunteers often get the hard end of the deal when their loved ones find a cause they are so passionate about supporting. It takes a massive amount of patience and love to overlook the many jobs around the house or plans that may end up being put on hold or rearranged when an organisation such as us faces a massive crisis like moving premises. Even more than the usual levels needed for the weekend commitments or random events, trips and purchases to keep the name and dream alive. So, in short, the Museum Trustees and Volunteers would like to extend their massive thanks to the families and loved ones for their support and understanding – the museum wouldn’t be here at all without our volunteers and they wouldn’t be here without the support from their family and friends.

The Museum of RAF Firefighting hopes the bank holiday weekend is also a good one for all of our supporters wherever they are reading this. May the BBQs, drinks and socials continue long into the summer months.

Speaking of socials, our monthly virtual Crashline Call is on this Wednesday (2nd of June) at 1900hrs for all those who served in the MOD Emergency Services to catch up and share in some banter and memories. If you need further details please look for the Crashline Update Post.

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