In recent months the Museum of RAF Firefighting has utilised zoom to host meetings amongst its members to keep everyone updated with progress of the move and other museum news. This has now expanded into “The Crashline,” a montly zoom call exclusively for MOD Emergency Service Veterans to come together and socialise, reminisce and reconnect with friends and colleagues. Usually held on the first Wednesday of the month at 1900, it is a free to use service with no expectations or agenda – you can turn up and leave when you want to and aren’t expected to stand on parade. The only rule is to respect the other participants. Yes, that does include those who think the Mk 8 was the best fire appliance that ever existed.

If you are interested in joining a zoom call, please email with your name, service number and a short precis of your service history and zoom details will be sent out to you prior to the next meeting.

We look forward to seeing you on the next Crashline Call.

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