If you thought moving house was a challenge, try moving 52 vehicles and 20,000 museum exhibits!

Luckily our new found friends at Riggall’s Removals stepped in to offer two of their massive Removal Lorries to help transfer the more delicate objects together with the many display cabinets. This family run business is based in Alford and after hearing our appeal on BBC local Radio offered their assistance.
Mark, Will and Judy arrived bright and breezy and oversaw the careful loading of their vehicles and ensured that everything was packed safely for the trip over. As you’d expect from professionals, everything arrived safely. 
Moving all of these items was a major challenge for us and without their help we’d have been at it for weeks.
The family have an interest in steam and vintage vehicles themselves so the prospect of teaming up together when we have open days at Alford was discussed! Watch this space……..


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