Oxford Fire Land Rover FT6 Carmichael Army Fire Service


The Land Rover FT6 Carmichael Redwing FT/6 was born out of the Land Rover and despite its unusual conversion to an emergency vehicle, it still features the signature radiator grille masked in silver out of black with the Land Rover badge. The FT/6 was first introduced in 1961 and provided a light four wheel drive fire appliance with extended cab to accommodate five firefighters. The new machine with built-in pump and 140-gallon water tank provided an ideal all-terrain fire engine. The British Army Fire Service also adapted the type for use on its British and overseas bases.
Decorated in the standard red and silver emergency fire service colour scheme, the model has a military registration plate 03 EM 76 with the Royal Army Fire Service crest on the cabin doors. The service lettering is printed on the crew doors on each side. The body colour carries through to the wheels and the interior. Silver masking is applied to the sides and rear, as well as to the ladders, wheel bases and hose ends. A blue roof beacon and chrome spotlight sit on the roof above the split windscreen of this somewhat different Land Rover conversion, which will also appeal to emergency vehicle collectors.

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