Fordson WOT1 (Camouflage)


The Fordson WOT1 (War Office Type 1) major foam tender was manufactured at the Ford Dagenham plant from 1940, replacing any production of Ford’s civilian range of cars and tractors The WOT1 was introduced as a general purpose chassis and during the War it carried searchlights, barrage balloons and froth fire extinguishers. The WOT1 formed the mainstay of the Royal Air Forces fire-fighting equipment at fighter and bomber bases during World War II and the early post war years.  It carried 300 gallons of water and 65 gallons of foam. It would have carried four crew members.

This Oxford model represents a unit that served in Europe with the advancing armed forces after D-day and provided fire cover in Germany during the Berlin Airlift. Our WOTTY is decorated in a beige and brown camouflage scheme and is registered 10 81 40. The tender carries the bowser and comes with hoses and tools all ready for action. It represents the real life Wot1 that now lives at the RAF Fire Museum.

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