We would like to say a special thank you to the new tenant of Billet Lane, Scunthorpe, Origin Packaging.

Clearly as the new tenant, Origin had no obligation to assist us in our plight, but thank goodness it was quite the opposite!

CEO Tim Pocock was immediately sympathetic and started to work with us to help us out of our very tricky situation. He immediately made a very generous donation towards transport and storage costs. Having carried out an assessment of the site and looking at his company’s needs, Tim agreed to allow us to retain part of the office complex, rent free for the next year. This will give us a secure home for our library and archives. It will also provide a meeting place for all of our volunteers whilst we develop the new site at Alford.

Warehouse manager, Alec has worked with us since Origin moved in. They are a pharmaceutical packaging company, leading the fight against COVID, so as you can imagine they are under intense pressure to deliver. The amount of material moved into Billet Lane is mind blowing. Alec ensured that their occupation was matched by our withdrawal. He let us borrow forklifts and operators to load our lorries which was an absolute godsend.

The site at Alford is not big enough to take all of our vehicle fleet so Tim and Alec are allowing us to store vehicles in their secure compound at Billet Land until we have developed the Alford site further.

Without this companies understanding, support and generosity, this latest chapter in the museums existance could have been its last. Thank goodness they were prepared to work with us. We wish them all the best in their battle against COVID and would like to thank them for all that they’ve done to help us in these difficult times.

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