I’m afraid that due to circumstances beyond our control, our plans to set up a new Museum on the outskirts of Alford have fallen through and as such, the Museum, is once again, searching for a new home.

Clearly this is very disappointing for everyone but it is what it is and we must dust ourselves down, regroup, and come up with a plan to save the collection once again. Ideally, we want to keep the Museum in LINCOLNSHIRE. It is the spiritual home of the RAF and it’s the County where most of our volunteers are based. No volunteers = No Museum basically.

Our immediate problem will once again be storage of the collection. We will need to move out of Alford once COVID restrictions are lifted and this of course presents a huge logistical and financial undertaking. We were so lucky to have the support of haulage contractors and removal companies as well as individuals who gave up their time and services for free, to move us from Scunthorpe back in November. We don’t know if that level of support will be there again? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

We have always kept the details of the sort of financial support needed away from the public domain, but I think the time has come to put our cards on the table. To house the collection, we really need a warehouse/hangar type building with a minimum floor space of approx. 50,000 square feet. The rent for a building of this size is considerable (In excess of £40000 a year). In the past we were lucky enough to find someone who had an empty building that they were prepared to let to us for a peppercorn rent. They retained ownership but made significant savings through rate relief. This is the sort of deal that we need to find now.

Ideally, we would like the storage solution to be capable of actually becoming the new home for the Museum thus we would only have to move once. The building needs toilet facilities & utilities as a minimum. Offices and car parking would obviously be of benefit. That is a big ask, especially during these very difficult times but hopefully now, you’ll all have a better understanding of what is needed?

We would like to say a big Thank You to all those that support via the Standing Order Supporters scheme. You have, quite simply, kept the Museum afloat as we still have to pay our monthly outgoings. No visitors normally means no income so without you, we’d be in even more trouble. People are also making regular donations via Paypal and for that we also Thank You. Please be aware, however, that Paypal takes a percentage from these donations meaning we actually receive less money in the end. For example, a recent £100 donation resulted in £5.20 being taken in fees. If you donate via standing order, the Museum gets 100% of your donation.

If anybody is able to offer a storage solution in Lincolnshire that we can afford, preferable under cover, then we’d be delighted to hear from you. I know that most of us are in lockdown but time is of essence.

Please help us to save this unique collection so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

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