One of the best parts of having a network of different groups, societies and contacts is the opportunty it creates to share knowledge, events, stories and sometimes even hard to find artefacts! The NFS and AFS Vehicles Group contacted the Museum of RAF Firefighting to announce their intention to donate a Knapsack Tank to use on either the Austin K4 Turntable Ladder or the Bedford OY Water Tender. We gratefully jumped at the chance to receive such a rare part in good condition and duley dispatched Gary in his finest clobber to meet two of the group, David Moore and John Sutcliffe, at their base to collect it and thank them for such a gracious offer.

The NFS and AFS Group are a group of re-enactors based around Nottingham who accurately operate the equipment of the Auxiliary Fire Service and National Fire Service as it was during WW2 and the Cold War – including the uniforms!  The group are passionate about keeping the memories of the brave men and women of the NFS and AFS who regularly put themselves in extreme danger through the many air raids the UK endured during WW2 and their work during the Cold War. The group’s stunning vehicle fleet includes an Austin K2 ATV Towing vehicle, Austin K4 Turntable Ladder, a Bedford Green Goddess and a number of trailer pumps which are all in fabulous condition and still operate.

We hope to keep dialogue open between the groups and can’t wait to see them back in action soon! Why not visit their website or give them a like on Facebook to find out more about their work.

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