After more than a year of free storage the Museum of RAF Firefighting has been given notice that the main storage area, where the vast majority of the vehicles and artifacts are located, is required for a multi-year business contract. Whilst we are eternally grateful for the support the owners have given and are continuing to give the Museum and are happy that the contract has been secured, this leaves the collection in a very precarious position as we wait to hear about the decision surrounding RAF Scampton. This could be made in the coming weeks, months or potentially longer as the process is worked through with the respective parties – it is very much out of our hands.

This presents us with two options, both of which are not ideal for a variety of reasons. The first being that we could relocate all the vehicles and palletised artifacts to a temporary location if one is offered. The second is outdoor storage until we find out the decision about RAF Scampton or we are able to secure alternative arrangements should Scampton Holdings Ltd’s bid to secure the base fail. Both options represent a huge financial outlay and logistical challenges for the Museum. To put this in perspective, it’s was £600 per day for a low loader to be hired to shift vehicles and similar figures to hire a forklift and curtain sided lorry. With nearly 50 vehicles and over 100 tons of artifacts, you can quickly appreciate any move will be a five figure outlay – something that our funding cannot sustain twice. The potential reduction of security arrangements also increases the potential for theft, damage and degradation of the vehicles and artifacts which we obviously want to avoid if at all possible.

So, once again, we are in need of support, ideas and are metaphorically on the ropes. Whilst the spark still is still very much burning in all of our volunteers to see the Museum’s plans come to fruition and we hope to be able to welcome the public back to our permanent home to view the rich history that we are guardians of, we are all more than a little battered and bruised from the constant mode of crisis which we have been operating at since we had to move from Scampton back in 2017. If anyone has any suggestions for help or may be able to provide support during this move, please reach out to us using the Museum email address or 01522 730198. Thank you for your support as we strive to make our goal a reality.

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