The unsung hero and faithful steed of the fleet, the Museum’s Ford Transit, had started to show some issues and the decision was made to get it serviced and repaired at the same time during our latest move. Having the van off the road for an extended period during this time was not an option but the team at Paint Perfect were on hand to get us back on track. After a full service, health check and other repairs, the van was ready for the final effort to get everything moved into storage. The drivers even noted the marked difference in performance and handling.

The Museum would like to extend their thanks to the team at Paint Perfect Motor Group for such a great job and effective customer service throughout the process.

For any vehicle related work, big or small, or if you are in the market for a replacement car, give Paint Perfect Motor Group a call on 01522 568247 or look them up on Social Media. They are always happy to help.

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