It is with great sadness that we have to announce that North Lincolnshire Council has found a new tenant to occupy our current home in Scunthorpe and as such we must prepare to pack up and search for a new home within Lincolnshire once again. Why Lincolnshire? Lincolnshire is the heart of our volunteer community, without our team there would be no Museum that is why we want to stay in Lincolnshire, Bomber County, and the spiritual home of the Royal Air Force.

We always knew that this was a possibility as the Council had always maintained that Billet Lane was a commercial property and not a Museum site. Regretfully they have been unable to find us suitable alternative accommodation within the area so our immediate task is to find a storage solution for the collection whilst we search for a new permanent home.

We are very grateful to the Council for giving us a building for the last 18 months that has enabled us to protect and develop the collection, provide a meeting place for volunteers and demonstrate the huge potential that such an asset could bring to the local area.

The support that we have received from our visitors (over 2500 on 5 open days), the local population, educational establishments, community groups, local authority emergency services and local businesses has been truly amazing. We are so sorry that things didn’t work out as we do believe that in many respects, Scunthorpe gave us everything that we could have ever needed to establish what in essence, would have become the National Fire Museum.

We are working with the new tenant to draw down the Museum in a controlled manner but as you can imagine the task ahead of us is huge. The new tenant will begin taking up occupancy in a matter of days and we have only 5 weeks to vacate the warehouse itself!

We’ve been here before! We won’t be beaten, we will rise again and continue with our quest to find a permanent home for the Museum so that we can establish a first class Museum, Community Hub and Educational Establishment that will promote the work of the military fire services, fire services both home and abroad, and above all, promote fire safety for everyone.

If you can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We really need a large industrial unit (Approx. 30,000 square feet) where we could store the vehicles in particular.

Regretfully, the current situation means that we cannot accept any visitors.

There are no plans to dispose of anything from the collection at this time, so please DO NOT add any more negativity to a stressful situation by contacting us to see what’s for sale! We need support, not vultures.


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