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  1. Andrew Foulkes


    I am trying to find some further information on RAF fire equipment in 1939, particularly that taken to France with the BEF and AASF.

    I have found some information but there are many gaps. Specifically I would be interested to find something on:

    The Crossley IGL ‘mock-up’ fire tender with the 3 30 gallon Bromylene tanks on the back

    The additional small fire extinguishers that were carried on this vehicle.

    The Crossley IGL ‘teardrop’ fire tender with the streamlined body. (I believe you have at least one photo, taken at Scampton, which appeared in a book.)

    The Fordson Sussex ‘mock-up’ fire tender with the 3 30 gallon Bromylene tanks on the back.

    (Plus, if you have anything, the Albion ambulance of the period.)

    I will coming past Lincoln next week on Tuesday or Wednesday and would be interested to visit you if you are open.

    Do you have anything and would this be convenient?

    Kind regards

    Andrew Foulkes

  2. Bill ward

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been asked to move I hope the Phoenix is a great relaunch. But I’m getting in contact in regards to the hand tubs. The antique hand pump fire engines that you have. I was wondering if you could you tell me what the manufacturers & Year’s and names or nicknames they may have. Thanks!
    And good luck!

    William ward


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