Now that the dust has started to settle after the last few weeks of frantic activity following our move from Scunthorpe to Alford, I would like to say a special thanks to L & K R Thorpe Transport.

This family owned, independent haulage company which has been in operation since 1977 has always been on hand to help out in times of crisis and this latest situation has been no exception. Having previously moved the collection from Gainsborough to Scunthorpe, this latest challenge was right up their street.

Using his immaculate ERF Olympic tractor unit and trailer, Andrew Thorpe undertook the task of moving some of our larger vehicles to an alternative storage site which was no easy task. Andrew is well known throughout the transport industry for his hard work, attention to detail and care of the loads that he is transporting. This specialist task was accomplished over the course of several days in what effectively was his holiday! Everything arrived safely and is now awaiting a further move to Alford once the site is adapted to take bigger vehicles or temporary storage buildings are erected at the new museum home.

Whilst Andrew was busy moving vehicles, his Dad Keith was engaged moving numerous artefacts, cabinets and boxes to the new site using his rigid curtain-sider lorry with tail-lift. A dab hand with the pallet truck, Keith ensured that each load was full to capacity. Given the variety of objects transported, Keith’s expertise was worth its weight in gold. He made it look so easy. To us, it was the ultimate game of Jenga mixed with a 3D jigsaw puzzle. The journey to Alford is 60 miles each way so as you can imagine it was only possible to do two round trips each day. When he wasn’t driving, Keith loaned his lorry to museum volunteer Tim Alderman to drive. No pressure there then. Nearly 100 tons of equipment and artefacts was moved!

As if that wasn’t enough, Keith also moved pumps on his twin axle trailer using his own Landrover. Final member of the team, Les rode shotgun!

This has been a really tough year for this family run business and they’ve really been up against it. Despite all their own difficulties, they didn’t hesitate to offer their services when the call for help went out. Three generations of professional hauliers did what they do best, moving precious objects from A to B in the most efficient, careful manner without a scratch! We cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking to transport goods our unusual loads.

Thank you guys, you’re the best!  


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