Walker Plant.

Walker Plant.

We are very grateful to Nick from Walker Plant who did a brilliant job for us last week. Given that we have not got room under cover at Alford for all our vehicles, we’ve had to find alternative storage for some of our more vulnerable¬†vehicles namely our Green...

M-tec Engineering

Jim Moon from M-Tec Engineering kindly offered the use of his plant lorry to help move vehicles. Jim tried to reach the museum on the same day a nasty traffic accident occurred on the A1. This resulted in him being stuck in traffic for nearly six hours which, as his...

Riggall’s Removals

If you thought moving house was a challenge, try moving 52 vehicles and 20,000 museum exhibits! Luckily our new found friends at Riggall’s Removals stepped in to offer two of their massive Removal Lorries to help transfer the more delicate objects together with...

Auto Glass

Autoglass Autoglass help with making and fitting glass to the various Vehicles as they need them, some windows have had to be custom made from templates.
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