Museum of RAF Firefighting Volunteers and Veterans Rally Together to Secure the Sole Surviving 1945 Fordson WOT 1 “45 Monitor” – But We Need Your Help!

The Museum of RAF Firefighting are proud to announce that the volunteers and Veterans of the museum have rallied together to acquire a unique 1945 Fordson WOT1, 45 Monitor.

The museum received first refusal from the previous owner who was looking to sell the appliance to make room for an upcoming project. There was real interest in the vehicle from US based collectors, so the museum had to act now to keep this unique part of RAF Fire Service History in the UK for public display.

The 45 Monitor is registered for the road and is 99% complete, including the original manuals, associated paperwork and its history. A small team of volunteers have been down to its current location to check the vehicle and they were really impressed at just how well it drives and its general condition. The only thing that will need immediate attention is a new set of tyres which, considering the last full restoration was 17 years ago, is to be expected. The price has also been negotiated to take this into consideration.

Conscious that the Museum must keep sufficient funds in its account to sustain monthly out-goings and to cater for any unexpected emergency, the decision has been made to try and raise the funds needed to purchase the vehicle via alternative means.

As usual, the Museum Volunteers rose to the challenge and a considerable number have pledged money from their own pockets to put a deposit down and secure the vehicle for the Museum. To date, £10,000 has been raised, but we still need to raise another £10,000 by September to complete the sale, transport the vehicle to its new home and to replace the tyres so that it can be safely moved around site.

To that end, the Museum is launching a separate appeal for assistance to save this unique piece of history.

Known as the 45 Monitor Appeal, individuals or companies can donate money directly towards the cost of this project. Simply mark your donation 45 monitor and pay it into our bank account using the same account details as the standing order supporter scheme.

Any individual or company donating will have their name recorded on a history board which will accompany the vehicle when it is on display within the Museum or out at an event. This could include a company logo.

If you would like any further details on how you can assist, then please contact us by phone or email.

01522 730198 or

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement and we hope that you can support us with this ambitious & unique project.

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