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The Museum of RAF Firefighting is trying to save examples of an many RAF and MOD Fire Vehicles as we can and as such we now have a large collection going back to 1943 with the WOT1.

Everyone thinks of the Crash Tenders of course, but the Domestic Fleet is just as important.  With our limited funds we do what we can when we can, but just occasionally something crops up that is so important we just don’t know what to do for the best.

Our current funds are already earmarked for the next year, but we now have the chance to save an important part of our history and we have to come to the membership of our Association to ask for help.  We have the opportunity to acquire a Bedford Domestic vehicle which last served at RAF Nocton Hall!!  We believe that there were only 22 of these vehicles built exclusively for the MOD and as far as I am aware this is the last known survivor.

You may have worked with this type of vehicle if you served on a domestic unit, but many of you will have used it when you went through your basic training at Catterick or Manston.  It has slipped through our fingers once before, but now it sits in a dealers yard with first refusal being offered to us.  The vehicles is sound, although it will require work to get it up to show condition.  I am making a direct appeal to you all to make a donation to purchase this vehicle.

If you can spare any amount of money, no matter how small, I am hopeful that we can get enough money together to purchase this appliance.  If you make a donation, we will ensure that your name is recorded either within the appliance or on a display board which will accompany this vehicle where-ever it is exhibited!  If you support us in our endeavour would you please send your donation, cheque (made payable to The Museum of RAF Firefighting) or cash, to Steve Shirley, 16 Rutland Way, Scampton, Lincoln, LN1 2UJ.  A receipt will be issued back to you by return of post.  If we don’t get enough money to purchase the vehicle, you will be offered your money back or given the chance to simply donate it to the Museum anyway.

Please dig deep and don’t delay.  She’s currently sitting in a yard out in the open!  Lets see if we can all do something positive to save an important piece of our firefighting heritage.


WO Steve Shirley MBE, GIFireE

Funding Progress

Raised £710 towards the £1,500 target.

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